Equipment and solutions for sustainable aquaculture

FREA Solutions provide innovative solutions and technologies for fish farming, in both traditional fish farms and RAS plants.

We have more than 30 years’ experience in the industry, where we have developed and produced equipment and solutions, which are all tested at our own production facilities.

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Tailored solutions from start to finish

We can provide tailored solutions if you need to use a completely new facility or fish farm. During the process, we can offer solutions that contribute to a lower consumption of resources, and ensure the best production conditions for the fish.

There is also ample opportunity to buy our products if you already know what you need to optimise your plant. We are always ready to guide and advise our customers, and we are able to develop and test the products before they are put into production.

We always ensure that the chosen solution has been designed and tested with a focus on efficiency and according to your specific wishes.

What can FREA Solutions offer?

FREA is an acronym for Fully Recirculated Aquaculture System. The concept is based on an innovative approach to recirculation in aquaculture, where the aim is to integrate recirculation into the entire process.

In a recirculated plant of this type, there is no direct discharge to the water environment. The particular substances are sieved out and fermented for later use as fertiliser, or fuel in biogas facilities. The surplus water is discharged into large percolation basins, where it percolates for full or partial recycling and use in production at the plant.

The risk of contamination with environmentally harmful substances is minimised when you use a FREA solution, which is a sustainable approach to fish farming.

That’s why you should choose FREA Solutions

It is FREA Solutions’ goal to ensure that our customers get the best product, that works with optimal functionality for their needs.

We partner with our customers , and put a great effort into including them in our considerations and presenting them all options. In this way, you can be sure that your plant or fish farm will function according to the specifications, and the day-to-day operation is simple.

With the ability to test in full-scale facilities, we have the best conditions for ensuring that all products works as intended - even in large scale.

We have a large selection of aquaculture products

Aeration and degassing of water

Oxygenation of water

Water purification

Feeders for fish farming

Other products

Installation of concrete elements

Prefabricate concrete elements are currently being installed on our new patented module based RAS system. 2 moduler will be installed with a annual capacity of 240 MT and it is expected to be in operation in Q4-23. This new system will combine the functionality from round tanks and raceways in one system, at the same maintaining a low energy consumption per produced kg. fish. It also has new functions for harvesting and a more efficient removal of sludge.


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