Our logo

The logo of our company is developed in connection with the change of company name from Christian Jørgensen ApS to FREA Solutions ApS. With the new logo, we wanted to create a more international profile, and we wanted to visualize our message on delivering efficient and profitable solutions for our customers in the aquaculture segment.

The name

FREA is short for Fully Recirculation Aquaculture and signalizes our increased focus on this farming technology, which is rapidly growing within the fish farming industry. Furthermore, the FREA part of the name creates a direct link to the new fish farm that the owner, Christian Ravn Jørgensen, has started constructing at the beginning of 2014 – under the name FREA A/S. The word “Aquaculture” shall send a signal on our full dedication to fish farming, while the word “Solutions” shall underline our delivery of complete solutions for our customers and in cooperation with our customers.

The colours

The bright blue colour is defining water, water quality and the entire essence of the element that is crucial for fish farming. The green colour embracing the logo is defining the environment and shall visualize that fish farming is always managed in close pact with and respect for the surrounding environment.

The shape

The shape of the logo can be seen as a fishpond, a net cage or a round fish tank and thus visualizes the different varieties and conditions under which fish can be farmed. The brighter blue colour in the centre of the logo shall create depth and width in the logo itself, but thereby also signalize the broad spectre of possibilities within fish farming.

FREA 4F 2020

The fish

The fish wiggling its tail and jumping into the logo and into the water shall visualize the full unity of our business. The design of the fish farm, the optimal water quality, and the optimal surrounding environment shall safeguard the best possible conditions for the fish, which thereby also secures the best conditions for effective and profitable fish farming.

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