We have a large supply of equipment for fish farming


Aeration and degassing of water

As the recirculation technology has gradually been adapted in the global fish farming business, FREA Solutions has developed a wide product program within aeration and degassing of water. The owner, Christian Ravn Jørgensen, was among the first Danish fish farmers to rebuild several existing fish farms into partly or full recirculation, and in line with this development, FREA Solutions has tested and launched a line of product concepts, that today is fully implemented at a large number of customers in and outside Denmark.

Several of our solutions for aeration and degassing are tailor-made for the specific fish farm, and always in a close and open dialogue with the fish farmer, which contributes to a solution that is cost efficient, reliable and securing the fish farmer the expected output on the specific farm.


Defuser Frame

Low-pressure diffuser


Low-pressure diffuser with increased water-flow

Diffuser Til Airlift

Diffuser for airlift


PVC-pipe with drilled holes

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