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FREA Solutions develop, produce and sell system solutions and equipment for aquaculture

For over 30 years we have been gathering knowledge and experience, and working on creating the best solutions that work in practice on fish farms within the country and abroad.

The company was established in 1987, and is owned by Christian Ravn Jørgensen, who is also the owner of FREA A/S and Kærhede Dambrug ApS. Christian was amongst the first Danish aquaculturists to convert several fish farms to partial or full recirculation. As the company developed, FREA Solutions was the "first mover" in developing and marketing a range of concepts, which are currently implemented by a lot of customers both in Denmark and abroad.


Keep it simple - make it work

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The customers in focus

We always enter into an open, solution-oriented partnership with our customers, where requirements and wishes can be implemented in the development work. This ensures that we are able to deliver top quality at all stages, a high level of product safety, and the lowest possible operating costs.

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Top-quality workmanship

All our employees have an artisanal background, and take great pride in their profession. With robust craftsmanship as a foundation for our products and the system solutions we develop in dialogue with our customers, quality is always the top priority.


Value creation

When we develop products and system solutions, this is always with the customer’s optimal benefit from the supplied solution in mind. We create added value both for our customers and for our business by keeping solutions simple but well-functioning.

Sister companies

Apart from FREA Solutions ApS, Christian Ravn Jørgensen also owns the companies FREA A/S and Kærhede Dambrug ApS. In the following is an introduction to our sister companies, who contribute to our broad range of knowledge and experience in producing solutions especially designed for your needs.

Kærhede Dambrug ApS

Kærhede Dambrug ApS is named after the business’s first and largest fish farm – Kærhede Dambrug. The company comprises a total of 8 outdoor fish farms, with a total annual production of approx. 1,500 tonnes of trout.

Kærhede Dambrug ApS’s facilities have functioned for many years as one of our experimental installations. FREA Solutions’ technologies are continuously tested and improved, so you can be sure of our solutions work with optimal functionality for the purpose.

Aquaculture from start to finish

The 8 fish farms are based on a variety of production technology, from conventional flow-though facilities to recirculation plants. They include spawning fish farms, fry farms and farms with portion-size production - from start to finish.

The primary production is in rainbow trout in portion sizes from 250 g/pcs. up to 600 g/pcs. and fry in various sizes. The company also produces trout with the characteristic red coloured flesh. They come in different sizes, and are sold from 600 g/pcs. up to 5,000 g/pcs.

2 of the 8 fish farms are equipped and approved for the production and sale of organic rainbow trout, and the total annual production on these 2 farms is around 300 tonnes.

Most of the farm’s production is sold either on the export market or for processing in Denmark as hot smoked fillets for export. A smaller but constantly increasing proportion of the hot smoked fillets is also sold to supermarkets in Denmark.
Fry are either used on our own farms or sold to a large number of fish farmers in Denmark and on the export market.



FREA A/S is a super-modern, fully recirculated facility for the production of trout. The plant is located a few metres from FREA Solutions’ HQ, and since 2017 has carried out full production of more than 2,000 tonnes of fish per year in two buildings of 4,000 m2 each.

FREA’s long experience in technology has been combined with experience of recirculation from the fish farms of Kærhede Dambrug ApS, among others, in an advanced facility which has set new standards for the efficient production of fish.
The plant has been established without connection to a watercourse. The water used for production is drained from the surrounding areas, and the water then seeps back after use.

FREA’s RAS facility is based on solutions supplied by FREA Solutions, and is distinguished by:

  • A very low consumption of energy per kilo of produced fish
  • A very low consumption of excipients and medicine
  • Consistent robust economic results and positive yield from start of production in 2017

Production is based on the purchase of eyed fish eggs from registered suppliers. The produced fish is sold as fry and fingerlings to customers throughout most of Europe, and to processing companies for human consumption.

The plant’s daily operation is taken care of by five employees in production, and one employee for the servicing and maintenance of the plant and buildings.

FREA Solutions has in corporation with FREA made a short movie showing the production of rainbow trout on one of the world's most energy efficient RAS systems, based on FREA Solution's race-way technology. See how 2.200 MT of rainbow trout per year is produced in the video below

Board of directors

Christian Ravn Jørgensen

Telefon: +45 40 40 97 87
E-mail: cj@frea-solutions.com

Niels Alsted

Telefon: +45 40 31 86 67
E-mail: nielsalsted@hotmail.com

Bent Larsen

Telefon: +45 22 24 66 58
E-mail: bla@beritech.dk

Thorsten Vammen

Telefon: +45 29 74 60 10
E-mail: tnv@frea-solutions.com

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