Biofilter Frame

Fixed bed biofilter

Product characteristics:

  • For aeration and back-flushing of bio-elements in a fixed bed biofilter
  • Produced to match the size of the biofilter
  • Possibility of dosing small or large amount of air in the same pipe system
  • Simple back-flushing and cleaning of biofilter
  • Simple and fast installation

Technical specifications:

  • Standard sized: 2×2 meter, 2×3 meter, 2×4 meter and 2×5 meter
  • Main pipe PVC, diameter 75-110 mm, PN10
  • Diffuser pipe PVC, diameter 40 mm, PN10, with holes in different rows and sized
  • Rotary blower can be supplied for operating the diffusers for several biofilters
  • Manufactured in stainless steel with PVC pipes for air